1. Categories of Partners
You may register as partners when you are under this categories of industry : city, food, services-related, product-related retails, sports, healthcare. Worship, education, logictics, property, and tourism.
2. Who is Trader?
Trader is Reach registered partner to sell the product to consumers nationwide in Reach platform. They can be oversea trader and local trader who ship to consumer nationwide.

You may register as trader in or in Reach App.
3. who is Merchant?
Merchant is Reach registered partner to sell the product to consumers locally in Reach platform. Partners can be a service provider or selling products as long as they are in 10 categories in Reach.

You may register as trader in or in Reach App
4. Who is Vendor?
Vendor is Reach registered partner to provide devices or facility to consumers or partners in Reach platform. Vendors include smart devices provider, environmental data providers,etc.

You may register as trader in or in Reach App.
5. How do I get notified for new orders and updates?
It is important to always be notified of new incoming Reach orders, as well as key updates regarding Reach that may be important to you.

Kindly ensure that you have adjusted the correct settings on your device and partner app to receive our notifications.

Step 1: Go to your respective device settings, select the Reach App, and ensure you have turned on all forms of notifications that are relevant to your business. (You are advised to NOT turn on silent mode for your device as well to ensure you can be informed of new notifications even when you are busy)

Step 2: Log in to your Reach App and click on the profile icon on the top right of your screen.

Step 3: Click on General, then click on Notification Setting.

Step 4: Ensure you have turned on all notifications that are relevant to your business.
1. Request to update Product & Service Tax Registrationategories of Partners
Need to update your Product & Service Tax registration ID (GST/SST/others) for your partner? Please submit the required documents shown below for us to proceed with the changes. Do also mention the purpose of your Product & Service Tax registration ID request in the description box for a seamless process.

Necessary Documents Required:
1. Product & Service Tax registration certification
2. Submit Business/Company Document?
Need to verify your partner account? Please submit the following documents:

1. Business/Company registration certificate
2. Letter of authorization - this is proof that an individual can act on behalf of the business owner.
3. IC/Passport
3. Update Business Details?

a. Contact information
Do ensure that the email address you update for the owner information is accurate, as this will impact the features on the Reach Partner Portal that are accessible to the business owner. All communications from Reach will also be sent to this email address b. Business Address
It is important to update your latest business address so that we can locate your business accurately to ensure smooth deliveries c. Banking Detail
Please link your current payout bank account details by submitting bank statement for review
1. Partner Reports
What reports will I be receiving?

TypesWhy you should use itFormat
Reach partner Sales Report This format type shows you a list of your transaction details and bank account transfers for a specific period in an Excel file format,

How to download?
Log in to the Reach Partner Portal. Go to Sales Reports to download.
Excel Format
Reach Partner Invoices This format type provides invoice particulars for the services that Reach charges.

How to download?
Log in to the Reach Partner Portal. Go to Sales > Reports to download
PDF Format
2. When will the Reach Partner Invoices be generated?
  • The invoice is generated based on a Partner Level (SSM/Entity).
  • Invoice will be available to download in Reach Partner Portal > Orders > Save
1. Restriction for content and products/services guideline
You are prohibited to upload content in Reach Platform as followed:

i. Personal attributes
Including information on avoiding assumptions about someone's personal attributes in your ads.
ii. Sensational content
Including information on avoiding shocking, sensational, inflammatory or excessively violent content in your ads.
iii. COVID-19
including what types of products and content are temporarily restricted or prohibited.
iv. Cryptocurrency products and services
including information about eligibility to run ads about cryptocurrency.
v. Dating
Prohibit dating services.
vi. Drug and alcohol
Drugs and alcohol are prohibited
vii. Online gaming and gambling
viii. Personal health and appearance
A negative self perception or imply unrealistic or unexpected results.
ix. Social issues, elections or politics
2. Update products/services item/price
Simply follow the steps listed below to raise your request.

Step 1: Go to Reach Partner Profile
Step 2: Fill in all relevant fields and state in the business listing page.
Step 3: Upload the images, price, description for each service.
Step 4: Click Submit and you are good to go!

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To attract more consumers and increase your chance of getting orders by updating your Logo, Homepage, Banner, or Menu/Catalogue item.
Before uploading your file, kindly ensure that all photos are:

  • Ensure the photo size for logo, list and item photos are in square mode 1:1 aspect ratio with a pixel resolution of 500×500 - 700x700 and a size range of 100kb - 200kb. (Learn how to resize your photos here).

  • Banner photos are to be in a 9:5 aspect ratio with a pixel resolution of 900x500 or the equivalent, and a size range of 120kb-200kb

  • Photos format must be in JPEG or PNG and named as per Reach Food menu/Reach Partner catalogue
  • To ensure all content updates are accurate and vetted accurately. All photo update requests are subjected to Reach's internal review
1. Order Confirmation
Each of the received orders shall be confirmed by partners to proceed with shipping. This is to ensure the order is able to be delivered.
2. Order To Ship
After orders is confirmed and packed. Kindly set the orders to "To Ship" and fill up tracking numbers so that the system will show to consumers the shipping process.

Once the order is received by consumers, it will show completed.
1. Transaction Fee
The transaction fee charged by Reach platform is RM1.00 + 3%
2. Shipping Fee
The shipping fee is charged differently by each of the logistic partners depending on weight and dimension. For each products, you are recommended to insert the shipping fee if any.
1. How do I integrate the smart device with the platform?
Vendor can register the device categories according to the function. The vendors are required to register the smart device model and details in the platform.
If you have any enquiries, please contact our customer support.